Sea buckthorn | what is it?

Sea buckthorn contains valuable active ingredients such as natural fruit acid, vitamin C, flavonoids and vitamin B, which smooth the cuticle layer giving the hair a new and natural shine. Furthermore the hair is protected against environmental influences.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn grows as a deciduous bush and reaches heights of 1 to 6 metres. It is one of the few plants to thrive on sand dunes. However, you can also find the thorny bush in the mountains by the side of streams, near the sea shore and of course in gardens. An increasing number of hobby gardeners are planting the healthy wild fruit in their gardens. Although the bushes are easy to care for, a little know-how is still needed.

Sea buckthorn originates from Nepal, but has already been a native plant to almost the entire world for many centuries. The grey-green leaves of the sea buckthorn are very narrow and linear.

Between August and December the orange-coloured, egg-shaped berries ripen and this is the part of the sea buckthorn used most widely. The berries tend to taste rather sour and contain a small seed. Treat yourself to an extra boost of vitamins and mix the dried berries into your breakfast muesli. Sea buckthorn is also available in liquid form at specialist retailers.

Sea buckthorn together with the wild rose is the wild fruit shrub that has the highest vitamin content. Sea buckthorn extract, which is contained in our Styling  herbal range, is rich in fruit acid and vitamin C. Depending on the location of the plant, it contains from 200 to 1,000 mg/100g vitamin C. This ensures that the hair surface is smoothed and protected and also makes the hair glossy.