Healthy hair

Prerequisite for healthy, beautiful hair is the scalp. It is the breeding ground and needs special care. With a healthy scalp with optimal blood circulation, hair can be revealed in its full splendour. 

Typical of healthy, beautiful hair is a smooth surface, which is made up of a layer of countless imbricate cells (cuticula). This is necessary so light can be reflected evenly thus giving hair its radiance.


  • with pure natural Swiss herbal extracts
  • gives your hair more volume and hold
  • revitalizes the scalp, strengthens hair
  • with a pleasant fresh scent

RAUSCH | Consulting for healthy hair

RAUSCH | “My hair is beautiful” – but will it stay that way?

Whenever women are questioned about their hair type, roughly half maintain they have “normal” hair. About 30% say they have no problems with their hair. At the same time hair needs increasingly more care and practically every woman spends considerable time in the bathroom with personal hygiene, conditioning and styling. It is notable that only few are concerned with the state of their scalp. When asked whether they have a dry, oily or normal scalp, few women have an immediate answer. In principle they think their hair is beautiful, but is there nothing they don’t like about their hair and its care? Discover the secret to making your hair even lovelier and to ensuring its lasting vitality!

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