Fine hair

Fine hair is usually genetic, but it can also be the result of nutrient deficiency or poor blood circulation of the scalp. Due to dwindling hormone production with age hair can become thinner. Fine hair is thinner than normal hair, but there is more of it. It measures on average between 0.03 and 0.05 mm in diameter. It has less volume, is more sensitive and reacts faster to the frictional forces of hair brushes and combs, e.g. with electrostatic build-up.

It is the dream of every woman to have voluminous and strong hair. With the Mallow VOLUME LINE this desired result is achieved, giving hair more volume and fullness and letting it shine in full glory.


  • gives hair fullness and shine
  • especially gentle care
  • ensures ideal combing

RAUSCH | Consulting for fine hair

RAUSCH | Would you like to have fuller hair?

Which modern care-conscious woman would answer this question with “no”? With regards to women’s hair the maxim is: the fuller the better. Long, strong hair has been a symbol of feminism and eroticism since the beginning of time. Ethnologists have known for a long time and psychoanalysts assign a deep psychological dimension to beautiful hair.

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