Dyed hair

Colored, highlighted or bleached hair requires special color-preserving care, so it will look healthy and radiant longer. Usually coloring uses chemical substances which, depending on the formula, penetrate deep into the hair and bond with the keratin. Coloring can stress both the scalp and hair, so it is best to choose a coloring as mild as possible and gentle shampoos.

Generally the hair shines at the beginning, but UV rays, frequent washing and salt or chlorinated water can bleach out the hair color. Without meticulous care the hair will lose its brilliance and become matt, dull and lacklustre. That is why it is so important for color-protection to care for the hair surface.


  • extends the color brilliance
  • gives suppleness and shine
  • for optimal elasticity and combing

RAUSCH | Consulting for dyed hair

RAUSCH | The dilemma with dyeing

Women have been attracted to beautiful, bright hair colors since time began. According to a recent survey (link) over 70 percent of women regularly dye their hair. Hair color has become a modern accessory for women of all ages and is no longer used just to cover up the first grey hairs. Experts giving classic image consultation nearly always recommend a new haircut and color. So far so good. However, colored hair need far more care and must be protected from UV rays, salt and chlorinated water. So the basic principle: a gentle coloring, protective UV filter and special conditioning products will preserve the pleasure of your favorite hair color!

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