Dandruff is not a hair problem, it is a scalp problem. Metabolic imbalance, using too aggressive degreasing hair products, stress and damaging environmental influences accelerate this natural process – the flakes become visible on shoulders and collars and look unkempt.

The valuable active conditioning ingredients in RAUSCH Coltsfoot ANTI-DANDRUFF LINE gently free the scalp and offer lasting relief from dandruff, redness and itchiness.

Proof of effectiveness

The effectiveness of Coltsfoot ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO and LOTION has been proven in clinical studies. 

After 4 weeks of use a reduction in dandruff of 83% was noted.

RAUSCH | Consulting for dandruff

RAUSCH | Dandruff – often more than just an annoying problem

A person’s skin is practically ”renewed” every month. In this process dead skin cells are replaced with new ones. Usually it is impossible to see the detached cells with the naked eye. However, if the growing cells form too quickly, the upper cells are unable to break apart from each other and stick together. If 500 or more of these cells clump together then they become visible on the scalp as flakes.

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Dandruff is not a hair but a scalp problem. Normally, the microscopic cells which make up the skin of the scalp dry up, die, and are shed unseen. If this natural process speeds up, the flakes become visible and are considered unpleasant.
In most cases, chronic dandruff is caused by an increased occurrence of a yeast fungus (pityrosporum ovale also called malassezia furfur) which is present in the bacterial flora of every skin. Metabolic disorders, wrong nutritional habits, the use of aggressive hair care products, stress, climatic influences are further causes for dandruff.
One distinguishes between fine, dry white flakes without a reddened scalp (Pityriasis simplex) on the one hand and oily, yellowish, sticky flakes with a reddened, itchy scalp (Pityriasis stearoides) on the other.
Shake the bottle well before use. Apply the lotion evenly to the scalp. For an effective result leave on for several hours or overnight. Subsequently wash hair either with RAUSCH COLTSFOOT ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO (fine, dry dandruff) or with RAUSCH WILLOW BARK TREATMENT SHAMPOO (oily dandruff and itchy, reddened scalp).